Social Media Engagement

Episode 10

How and Why You Interact with Your Audience

Engagement isn’t just a metric you follow to track your progress; it’s the practice of interacting with other people and brands through your social media account. Responding to comments and replies, liking content you find through social listening, or sharing user-generated content all qualifies as engagement. It’s the truly social part of social media. Your audience engages with you through video views, comments and replies, likes, and shares. This episode focuses on how and why you engage with your audience.

In this episode you’ll focus on how and why you engage with your audience, including:

  • Best practices for social media engagement
  • Platform nuances
  • Tips for engaging on tough issues

Listen in on the valuable conversation our moderator and guest experts have about engaging with your community.

  • Amelia Jantzi, Assistant Director of Marketing and Content Strategy, St. Lawrence University
  • Dave Tyler, Director of University Social Media, Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Jamila Walker, Assistant Director for Community Engagement and Communications, Old Dominion University
  • Kerry Whitsett, Social Media and Digital Communication Coordinator, Stephen F. Austin State University

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