Guidelines and Policies—5 Documents You Need

Episode 6

Essentials for an Effective Program

Well-defined guidelines and policies are essential for a consistently effective social media program. In addition to giving you something to turn to in stressful situations, guidelines and policies have benefits that establish expectations and procedures for campus social media accounts.

In this episode you’ll:

  • Learn what the 5 essential documents are
  • Get tips for drafting each document
  • Understand how each document supports your program

Listen in on the valuable conversation Liz and our guest experts have about creating and documenting program guidelines, including their specific campus experiences.

  • Brandon Etheredge, Director of Multimedia Services, Auburn University College of Liberal Arts
  • Corey Lacey, Social Media Coordinator, Fashion Institute of Technology
  • Emily Stulz, Director of Social Media, University of Arizona
  • Rebekah Wright, Assistant Director of Digital Marketing, Southwest Baptist University

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