Know Your Audience

Episode 2

How to Define, Find, and Reach Your Audiences

Defining and targeting your audience is your first step in developing and creating content, determining your brand and messaging—pretty much everything you do. And the more specific your target audience is, the more likely you’ll effectively find and communicate with them.

In this episode you’ll:

  • Define your audience
  • Find your audience based on current demographics of major social platforms
  • Walk through tailoring your strategy to the platform

Listen in on the valuable conversation our guest experts have about their work on defining and finding target audiences, and share specific campus experiences with actionable insight.

  • Anice Barbosa, Integrated Marketing Specialist, Wheaton College
  • Day Kibilds, Acting Director of Undergraduate Recruitment & Admissions, Western University
  • Elisabeth Reinkordt, Senior Communication Specialist, University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education
  • Karyn Wendrow, Director of Internal Communications, SUNY Oneonta

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