How Social Is Your Campus?

Do you know how many social accounts your university has? What platforms they're on? Do other departments, organizations, or committees have social accounts that you don't control? Are there unofficial accounts using your name, brand, or logo?

You can't maintain your institution's reputation if you don't know everything that's online about your campus, both official and unofficial. Once you understand the scope, you can better manage your reputation, strengthen your online presence, and protect your brand.  

Unofficial accounts hurt your brand strategy. A social media audit identifies these accounts so you can protect your social media trademarks before these accounts damage your school's reputation.
Jon-Stephen Stansel

Jon-Stephen Stansel Digital Media Specialist, University of Central Arkansas

A Social Media Audit Can Help

A social media audit is a detailed report of all of the social accounts affiliated with your campus on the major social platforms, including inactive and unverified accounts. It provides insights into action items that help you strengthen your online presence and protect your brand.

For $1,000 to $5,000 of your leftover marketing budget you can understand the scope of your online presence.

What's Included

  • Thorough review of all major social platforms
  • Detailed report of all of the social accounts affiliated with your campus
  • Summary of social metrics, including key insights
  • Action items you can immediately use

Benefits to Your Campus

  • Understand how your campus is represented on social media
  • Reduce your risk of reputational harm
  • Manage your online image
  • Improve your brand advocacy
  • Discover brand evangelists and content creators

Partner with Campus Sonar 

Our social media audit service is one of the ways we partner with institutions like yours. Our team's expertise provides you with a report that will facilitate a more informed and agile marketing team for your campus, allowing you to focus your time and effort on more worthwhile projects.