Are You Listening?

Admitted and prospective students talk about your institution year-round. Understanding what they think and feel by listening to what they're saying is essential to effectively engage with students, address specific issues or questions, or ease the application process.

We're interested in this conversation, too. We dug into admissions conversation and analyzed three years of online conversation about the college admissions process. We're working on data analysis and critical insights that will help you develop specific strategies that target student audiences to appeal to their questions, needs, and interests during the admissions process.

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What Students Are Saying

Our research findings can help you build a better understanding of the online conversation and behavior of admissions conversation. We found examples from Reddit and Twitter that demonstrate the types of conversations we analyzed. These examples show there are opportunities to engage students at key stages of their college journey. If you're missing these conversations, you're missing key opportunities that could make the difference between admission and enrollment.

Engagement Opportunities

NACAC Sessions

Using Social Listening to Find, Engage, and Nurture Your Prospects

Presenter: Steve App, Campus Sonar Business Development Manager

The impending demographic shift has arrived, and tuition dependent colleges are feeling the crunch. In this rapidly changing environment, understanding your students is mission critical, and social listening can help you do it. In this session, we’ll share how to better understand prospects, discover stealth applicants, and engage admitted students.  


I Got My Job on Twitter and So Can You

Presenters: Liz Gross and Jennielle Strother

Liz can trace her job back to a single tweet. Hear her story and others who’ve found great higher education professional opportunities on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Learn how you can use social media to build a professional network, get noticed, and get hired.