Students Are Rethinking their College Choice

Within a matter of weeks, the world has turned upside down and we're all overwhelmed at the thought of where this leaves us—including students. According to a recent survey, 25% of high school seniors are rethinking their college choice because of COVID-19.

Now more than ever students are turning to online communities to evaluate their college decisions. Student voices are surfacing in forums, the media, and other sources (FYI, Tumblr is popular again). It's critical you find these moments to reach out, answer questions, and engage your students.

Campus Sonar can surface these moments for you.

With our Engagement Opportunity Alert service, we find these important moments so you and your team can spend time on what matters most; engaging students.

  • Our expert analysts monitor and analyze online conversation to find when students and families talk about your campus—even when they don't tag you directly.
  • You receive automated alerts about your campus conversation and real-time conversation dashboards that ensure you never miss an opportunity to engage with key audiences at this critical time.

Do You Wear Multiple Hats?

Many of you have dual (or more) roles between admissions or enrollment and marketing. If that's the case, you're probably trying to manage events being postponed or canceled, deposit deadlines extended, info sessions moving online, and much more.

Our Crisis and Event Monitoring service provides 24/7 monitoring and reporting to give your team an overview of conversation they can use to determine response strategies and metrics to share with leadership at critical times.

ICYMI: Industry Briefings and Free (for real) Resources

We've been analyzing online conversation about coronavirus and higher ed and compiling insights into bi-weekly Briefings with a slide deck. Free and no email required, you can share the Briefing and slide deck with your campus teams and constituents. All posted Briefings are right here, and more will be added as we continue our research.