Prioritized and Strategic Social Listening

At Campus Sonar, we identify your high-priority needs—and our highly-qualified analysts build custom queries and analyze online conversation data to deliver actionable insights. Our strategic insights support multiple areas on campus:

  • Audience research
  • Conversation analysis
  • Brand management
  • Influencer marketing

Make a strategic investment for your institution and let Campus Sonar be your expert social listening partner.

The Higher Ed Social Listening HandbookThe Higher Ed Social Listening Handbook

If you're looking for more information on social listening, download our go-to resource The Higher Ed Social Listening Handbook. It can help you develop and refine your marketing strategy. Whether you're new to social listening in higher education or you've done some conversation analysis, you'll find tips and information you can immediately put to use.  

How to Use Social Listening to Uncover Audience Insights for Effective Content Marketing 

As the global perspective on test taking changes and universities increasingly focus on recruiting students at the graduate and professional levels, marketers must use new sources of lead generation to meet enrollment targets. More and more, marketers are turning to content marketing to organically capture prospective student information through the use of value-based content like articles, podcasts, eBooks, and webinars.

Content marketing is fueled by audience insights, but gaining those insights through formal discovery practices (i.e. surveys, focus groups) can be cost prohibitive and time consuming. Enter social listening, which can provide marketers with the real-time audience understanding they need to deliver powerful, relevant content.

Liz Gross - ContentEd Speaker

In this session, you will learn how to find and analyse public online conversations to identify knowledge gaps, popular content types and sources, and develop audience personas to fuel your content marketing. We’ll also give you a framework to help senior leadership understand why content marketing is an effective option for recruitment and lead generation.

Stephen App - ContentEd SpeakerPresenters:
Liz Gross, Campus Sonar CEO
Stephen App, Campus Sonar Account Executive


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