What Do Prospective and Admitted Students Talk About Online?

Conversation Insights Put You in Your Students' Headspace

The admissions cycle is busy and stressful for both prospective students and admissions professionals. Understanding what prospective and admitted students think and feel makes it easier to target your audience and appeal to their interests. This understanding is essential for an institution that wants to effectively engage with students, address specific issues or questions, or ease the application process. 

Campus Sonar Social Media Data Analysts researched, listened to, and analyzed three years of online conversation about the college admissions process. We identified more than 124,000 online mentions from students discussing the various stages and processes of the college admissions cycle.

The report's data analysis and critical insights allow you to develop specific strategies that target your student audience. The findings in this report will help admissions professionals:

  • Understand students' online conversation and behavior during the admissions process.
  • Better connect and engage with targets during the admissions process.
  • Understand how sentiment and student perspectives change during different stages of the admissions process.

Read more report highlights in a recent Brain Waves Blog post from Liz Gross. 

Research CompanionAdmissions Report Research Companion

Our Learning From Listening: The College Admissions Report Research Companion will help you use the report and translate the value found in the insights and data. The ideas and questions guide you through integrating the findings into your admissions strategy.

We Know Things Have Changed

We created our report and research companion before COVID-19 moved us to an online world, but we think the insights and data in them still apply. Used along with our Coronavirus Higher Education Industry Briefings, you can get a pulse on what students think and feel about remote learning, online classes, canceled admissions events, and more.


The Campus Sonar team, with their skill and research in social listening, can help the rest of us make sense not only of what students tell us to our faces, but what they show the rest of the world—through their online posts, rants, likes, and loves—when we're not looking.

Ken Anselment Vice President for Enrollment & Communication, Lawrence University