An inclusive definition of social listening is searching the public social web for mentions and conversations of interest to you. Campus Sonar searches for public posts and mentions that match your institution’s social listening goals, needs, or research. Our Social Listening Snapshot analyzes these metrics to help you build your strategy.

What will the Social Listening Snapshot uncover about your campus?

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What Is the Free Snapshot?

It’s five pages of social listening insights relevant to your campus based on an analysis of one year of mentions. Campus Sonar searches a complete archive of more than 80 million sources, including blogs, news, forums, and social media, as well as a representative sample of Twitter mentions to compile the snapshot.

Image of 5 pages with cameras representing the Free Social Listening Snapshot

The 3-Year Conversation Trends

The trend analysis includes three years of mentions and is a much deeper dive. It’s a detailed analysis that includes a digital dashboard with your online conversations, influencers, share of voice, and more.

Image showing a book with a camera and a dashboard representing the more detailed 3-year conversation trend analysis

What Does the Snapshot Tell Me About My Campus?

The Free Snapshot

The free snapshot is personalized to your campus or institution. After a conversation with us, our expert analysts compile and carefully select search parameters that relate specifically to your institution. They’ll assess and leverage unique search terms, website links, hashtags, and owned Twitter handles to build your snapshot.

The 3-Year Conversation Trends

If you become a paid Campus Sonar client, we expand your free snapshot search to include additional campus terms, exclude mentions of schools and organizations with similar names, and identify more contextual conversations. We can also filter out certain categories, such as athletics, or large events to get a true picture of what’s being said about your school. Learn more.

Why Do We Do a Free Snapshot?

Most campuses don’t have access to the software that allows them to do this type of search. We have the access and want you to see how much conversation there is about you. So the free snapshot not only gives you a peek into your online conversation, but it helps us better understand the amount of analyst support your campus might need for paid services.

Image of a mobile phone with bubbles detailing what is analyzed in online conversation
What’s Included in a Free Snapshot?

Calendar signifying the month-by-month volume in your snapshot


A month-by-month count of online mentions of your campus found during the snapshot period.

Thought bubble showing the snapshot includes owned and earned conversation

Owned vs. Earned

We’ll categorize your mentions as owned or earned. Owned mentions are content you create. Earned mentions are content that was created about your campus and is not managed by you.

 Person icon indicating that the snapshot identifies authors and influencers

Authors and Influencers

We’ll also identify the five most active and influential people in the Twitter conversation, and provide insights for developing a communication plan and harnessing engagement so you can better promote your campus.


Throughout the snapshot are actionable insights that our analysts determined will help you ignite strategy on your campus.

Strategic insights: Insights that might impact your marketing, communication, enrollment management, or alumni development strategies.

Opportunities for additional analysis: Areas where our analysts can conduct additional analysis to help you better understand the conversation that’s happening about your campus.

It’s our goal to provide you with as much information as possible so you know what your audience is saying and you can be a part of the conversation. The closer you get to your audience, the better you're able to manage your reputation, meet modern customer expectations, and seize engagement opportunities.

What's Next?

There are always more social conversations to dig into. Campus Sonar analysts can analyze your social data and deliver details and insights about your institution. We can help you:

  • Track your social listening as it happens, on an ongoing basis, or in times of crisis.
  • Set up configurable alerts for actionable mentions.
  • Perform an assessment of your institution against peer institutions or competitors.
  • Collect and analyze audience insights on topics of interest to your institution to inform your strategy.
  • Customize a full social listening program to provide ongoing services.

See which Campus Sonar services fit your needs.